My name is Raj Ondhia and this is my blog which gives me enough space to share my thoughts and other activities. I wish to express my hobbies and interests which can be appreciated by people all across the globe. I also wish to use this platform to share my thoughts that confront us on a day-to-day basis like education or poverty. However, this is not intended as a site for any inappropriate comments or complaints about the organizations that I am associated with viz., Around You Foundation and Universe Around You or about issues that you may have with these organizations. (For anything related to Around You Foundation please approach the group through the proper channel). I hope that people and bloggers will use this place for discussion of ideas for a better world and in time these ideas will help people for a better life. I welcome people from all nationalities to join me and share their thoughts and hope this blog will grow with time.

Disclaimer: The views expressed on this blog are purely my personal opinions and don’t intend to hurt someone and try to discriminate things or people on any basis.

Check out information on deep sky objects, constellations and other objects in a video by Hubble Space Telescope.

2017 will observe a Solar Eclipse on 21st August visible over United States. Its an exciting opportunity to witness an element of beauty of space. However, there are some things which are important in order to witness this event. As it will include watching Sun and the moon, there are some precautions to be taken to avoid any accident. Visit: NASA’s website here and learn more about it. Good luck and hope you have a great experience. Enjoy this video by NASA and feel free to leave a comment.

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