Surat Literary Festival-2015 | Kahani

The art of storytelling is one of life’s most powerful skills because a good story can make us laugh or cry. Storytelling is built into the fabric of our lives, from the fairy tales and folktales of childhood to the nostalgic reminiscences of our grandparents. Stories enable the interactive use of words, music and action to stimulate the listener’s imagination.

We celebrate storytelling in Surat through the Surat Kahani Fest 2015, a 2-day Literary Festival on the 28th and 29th of November. Our aim is to re-establish this art-form in our lives through the works of famous literateurs of Hindi, Gujarati and other Indian languages. A galaxy of theatre, television and cinema artists will present story-telling live. Surat Kahani Fest 2015 will also be an opportunity to rendezvous with some great modern actors and artistes.

Surat Kahani Fest 2015 promises two days of entertainment and information and offers a tribute to the memory of famous Indian storytellers of all time. This festival aligns the scientific-digital age to the ancient creative art of storytelling and writing. This program is an initiative of Delhi Public Schools, Tapi and Surat, Nalanda Education Society and a few literary minded denizens of Surat.kahanicvr1 copy

Details of the Programme and Artists will be available soon can be seen on our Festival Website