Just like drugs, people can become toxic but they don’t always start out like that.
You would see someone as a replica of yourself, but that is just surface.
When you dig in deep, there’s much to know, much more to explore and much unseen.

You want people in your life, sole rrason being that you’re afraid you may wind up being all alone.
So what? What if you’re alone?
Life is all about being alone.
Being in love with yourself.
Eating pizza on your own, taking yourself to coffee dates, watching a movie with a tub full of popcorn all by yourself and going on walks alone.

There is a difference between soltitude and being lonely. Soltitude frees you, and on the other hand loneliness cages you.

You get chained to people.
Your happiness becomes dependent on them.
Why do we always need people to complete us? Weren’t we…

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