An Enticing Night with the Stars: Astronomy session

Winters are the best time to have a great night with your loved ones but it can more beautiful when you go in the outskirts, away from all lights and pollution and look right above you…..You might see diamonds twinkling with a bright Moon. Yes, I am talking about Space and Astronomy and it’s true beauty that most people may not see in the cities due to urbanization and development. Luckily, I was given an opportunity to witness it’s true yesterday by some institutions who conducts Astronomy sessions for their students. I was amazed by the technology they were using to guide their students as they had expensive equipment and other things which are necessary in today’s developing world. Fortunately, the sky was clear and we were enjoying to our fullest with delicious food and comfortable stay provided by the institution. We saw different constellation and planets (including the evening star a.k.a Venus) and discussed regarding different galaxies and other celestial objects that are intriguing for people around the planet. Although the session didn’t last long due to limited time, many students went back with their questions, unanswered. The authorities promised them to introduce a Q&A session for their questions and were delighted to host a fun and beautiful evening for them. The next day, students were accompanied by their teachers to go back home and take rest after their ‘non-stop fun and loving night’. A message that I would like to discuss with the readers here is that education is not about reading textbooks, writing notes and prepare for the exams but rather, it’s a blank canvas that is required to be painted with different colors and finally make a masterpiece!

Here are some of the pictures from last night with tiny adults at the session location. Enjoy!

Image Courtesy: Delhi Public School Tapi


Raj Ondhia.

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