The Education Dilemma


Today, I wish to talk to all visitors about education. Please don’t stop reading as many of you might just leave this page assuming that I would simply talk about its importance and stuff. For that we have many educators out there to speak about it but right now I would like to talk about how education is at times, destroying people. And I don’t mean just mentally but physically as well. The question that arises here is Who is truly responsible for that? Our parents? Our Teachers? Our School? Or our education system? I have been in contact with some students from different parts of the world through Email and Social Media discussing about the problems they are facing during studying. Some of them are in terrible conditions which is why I am writing about this today to make them aware that many students out there are facing the same problem. Being a high school student, I truly understand their problem and is able to identify the reason why students like Kunal (a student from India) does not wish to learn anything anymore. Let me tell you a short story which will help you to relate with this case and this is how it goes; One day, a small girl of 7 faced the exact problem that Kunal is facing right now and her mother thought that her child is going crazy and decided to visit a psychiatrist. The doctor being really experienced and brilliant identified the problem in no time and decided to have a small experiment where he played the music and left the room with the mother. He partially closed the door to make sure that the small girl cannot see them standing and the doctor asked the mother to simply observe. They stood there for a couple of minutes and saw the girl tapping her foot on the beat of the music and after some seconds, she started dancing ; then the doctor said, “your child is not having any mental disorder, she is simply a born dancer and that is the reason why she is not able to cope up with her studies. You just let her dance and you won’t be disappointed”. Looking at the above example, you must have realised what the problem is with Kunal. Kunal is a wonderful painter and has been painting since a decade now by improvising himself everyday which makes him a wonderful artist and yet he does not realise that his true passion is painting and as many people consider it as their hobby which makes it even worse as many great leaders have said that making hobby as your profession will achieve you great success in life as that time, we are fully determined and willing to work really hard expecting a great result. Keeping hobby your profession will never make your work boring for you and will surely motivate you to prosper in work. Teachers and educators in different parts of the world are trying to connect with these young adults to understand the current situation which is causing a big chaos right now as we speak. 60% of students dropout from high school in United States, in native american countries its 80% and if we halved the value, one would create an economy for $1 Trillion. From an economic point of view, its great math but what it doesn’t focus is the reason why students dropout from high school. According to The Journal of Psychology, a mother with more than 2 children would observe huge difference in her children both physically as well as psychologically and this observation shows that every human on this planet is different from one another but the education system does not make flexible courses for people  which leads to problems like dropping out from school or college. Countries like India, where the education system has a underdeveloped method of teaching pressurizes student to adopt the old teaching which prevent them to think something innovative or different leading to worse case scenarios like suicides. The suicide rates in India is alarmingly high especially among undergraduate students and situation is getting worse as we speak and requires a solution right away. What we need right now is a change and I don’t mean by evolution because we are doing that right now but what we need is a bigger change, A revolution, as I may use here because the situation is getting worse and will not change until a strong step against it is taken soon. Do share your views in the comment section below and be part of the discussion.


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  1. This article in an organised way conveys the message of the alarming suicide rates in India and the need of the hour to reform the educational system in India. Well put article 😊

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