The magnificent leap – Technology in Education

Technology is everywhere. Even while reading this, you will be using one of the gadgets and its spreading like a wildfire. There is an advancement in technology the moment I’m writing this and the time you are reading this and tech giants like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and many more have invested billions in their R&D and finding a way to bring an advancement in technology sector. Millions are effected (in a good way) by this revolution and education sector is one of them.

With tools like iPad and Microsoft 365, textbooks are no longer a part of a student’s bag and its changing every second with better apps, software, gadgets and many more. Every year, United States spent $3 Billion on digital content; Public schools in the United States now provide at least one computer for every 5 students.

By bringing latest gadgets in a classroom, listening becomes discovering, interest becomes wonder, and passive learning becomes active exploration. Lessons come to life with touch, motion, and sound. Teacher resources, insights from fellow educators, and personalized support help you teach every subject, from reading to coding, in ways that kids really get.

With more than 180,000 education apps on App Store alone, teachers now have access to connect their iPad to a microscope to edit, capture images of cell division several other activities now at their fingertips. Being an apple teacher, I was impressed to understand the technique of use of gadgets like iPad and Mac which not only helps a teacher to connect to a student but also help them to engage in knowledgeable conversation with ease in tasks and other activities.

My experience with Microsoft was a pleasant one too. Joining their teacher’s program was kind of challenge as one of my teachers told me about it and Microsoft has an image as a platform for office and other professional activities. The platform designed by them for teachers was kind of exciting with many features that looked interesting and gave me chance to know about it better. No matter what platform you choose, the point is that the technology has enable itself to transform into a classroom and physical presence of a teacher sound like a myth now.

Being in touch with some teachers lately through Email, the experience after the use of education platforms like iTunes U and MIE (Microsoft Innovative Educators Program) have created a new experience for teachers who cannot at times be present in the classroom. Its easy connectivity and easy use enabled a lot of teachers to migrate from their traditional technique. Try out this courses and let me know what you think about it.


Raj Ondhia

A fresh start

Welcome back to your routine life. After a fun vacation, its time you get back to studies which is quite painful. Being a student, I can understand the feeling where an individual has to wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning to get ready to get to school. Some of them excited to meet their friends while most of them certainly not happy about going back.

But there are some things in life which are true, no matter what you field you choose. First, intelligence is not always the key to success. People like Bill Gates and Steve Jobs who dropped out from their college – regrets about their actions as there are many things in the world that we don’t know yet – and simply by knowing a technique or a way to earn money doesn’t portraits intelligence.

There are few Scientists in the world who would rather understand the things we have already discovered and find alternate ways to prove its existence. The points is that intelligence can be displayed through various ways.

Being a young teenager, I understand the reasons why students does not wish to attend because they simply assume that they don’t get benefit from it which at times – has been in my mind too but what we ignore here due to developing phase of evolution is that acquiring has become an important element which also effect our existence – just like water or air we breath.

During in my daily reading time where I know about the current affairs in various sectors of interest, I often find millions of children in Africa being the victims of malnutrition and deadly diseases which encourages me to know about the world and its functioning as we always take things for granted and ignore the fact that there are million others out there who are waiting for such change and get access to basic things.

Once you understand this fact, you will have a fresh perspective towards life and your goals. So buckle up, as there are many more obstacles to come (and I don’t wish to scare you but introduce to the reality). But I guess you already know that. Facing problem and dealing with it are two different sides of a coin and how you do it makes you a unique ‘you’.

It is what that has kept me working like horse (not really) and believe that someday you will be benefited too.

All the best for your studies and hope you learn something different which you never expected to do and believe in yourself. Live the best out of your life.


Raj Ondhia

A journey worth mentioning

I have been reading a lot about recent events in Syria and the consequence faced by people there and I came to know about one such refugee that is worth mentioning.

Nujeen Mustafa is a young refugee from Aleppo, Syria. She has cerebral palsy and cannot walk but this did not stop her braving inconceivable odds to travel in her wheelchair from Syria in search of a new life.

“She is our hero. Everyone must read her story. She will inspire you.” says Malala Yousafzai.


Her book portraits sad yet terrifying reality of the current events taking in world right now. I don’t wish to make any political comments and respect every religion but the situation is getting out of hand and strong step is desperately required. People like Nujeen are suffering; with more than 34,000 people leaving their country everyday in which only 0.1% of them are able to settle in countries like United States. Even after this awful journey, they are faced with racial comments and are discriminated by their race and religion. The world is developing at a great pace and things like this will act as a barrier to it and rather than following this practice, we have to prevent this from happening and make sure that every human being is given a chance to speak for himself. No refugee wishes to feel like an unwelcomed guest.

People like Nujeen who are often termed as “Refugees” are given a number to keep a count of total refugees which is really dusturbing and in her TED talk, she has specially mentioned about it by making it as a title of the talk, “I am Not a Number: A Refugee’s tale”. Her talk was truly inspiring for all the audience as well as the viewers. I personally enjoyed the talk in which she discussed about the life of a refugee and personally recommend all the readers here to view it once. I have put up a link below for everyone to see the video of the TED talk she gave in England in May.

Violence and wars have caused nothing but loss of valuable resources and people and history is the proof of this statement. What we should really focus is on development and not just of the specific countries but of the entire civilization as well. We have tools that prove our existence and yet we have many questions unanswered and answering them will not only help us understand the way everything works around us but also enable us to enter into a whole different phase of the world we live in; Have a thought about it.


Raj Ondhia