How does ‘Mass’ exist

The following talk by Jim baggott presented at The Royal Institute gives you a brief knowledge and understanding of the most basic thing around us, something that passes and is our part of life that ultimately results in everything around us. Mass.

Jim baggott is a British writer living in England at present who writes about science, philosophy and science history. Some of his books like Farewell to Reality (which I am currently reading) has fascinated and inspired thousands of science lovers and followers raising a question on this topic. Further, his lectures which are easily available on the internet has provided brief preview on the existence of ‘Mass’ and various times where the ‘mass’ was mentioned. Starting from 450-55 BE to the present era, his explanation clearly makes a great impact on listeners. You can view the talk below with a Q&A session after the talk. Enjoy.

P.S. I will soon write more on this topic once I am ‘well-aware’ of the topic. Contact me to have one-on-one conversation on this topic.