Are Schools Safe?

Early this morning before getting ready for school, I came across the massive Florida School Shooting that killed nearly 19 people and injured several others. I was devastated from the news personally and after learning that it was the 19th attack on various schools in United States this year really made me wonder about the safety of students and teachers.

Youth are considered to be one of the most important component in the economy as they are the future of the country and as yet authorities are unable to protect them at the place they spend 1/3 of the life. As a student, I clearly sense this and understand the desperate need to increase the security of the students in schools. Recently, a case in India was observed where a student was found with knife in the school premises and unfortunately, this was not only the case observed once but several times.

Students are often found with like knifes and scissors in the school campus which, if no action taken, could lead to unfortunate events like the Parkland School Shooting. After my school when I got to know more about this event, the sources confirmed that the student was facing a break-down due to his personal reasons. His mother had died and was also denied to enter the premises several days back due to threats passed by him to his fellow classmates. Many authorities in the United States has encouraged and appealed to higher authorities to make school security a specialty just like terrorism and show the desperate need to have young officers who are ready for this type of unfortunate events. I completely agree with the statement as the youth are one of the most important people and we secure them the least. 

No matter what we say and how much we say, there are mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers out there who have lost someone really close to them. We cannot justify anything to them as losing your loved ones really affects you on all levels. Just few hours back while reading articles on the attacks, I came across this picture where a woman was seen crying feeling completely helpless. This is something we need to see and act accordingly because you never know when you might lose someone like this way.

P.S. My deepest condolence to the victims of the Parkland School Shooting.

Credits: CNN News