Are Schools Safe?

Early this morning before getting ready for school, I came across the massive Florida School Shooting that killed nearly 19 people and injured several others. I was devastated from the news personally and after learning that it was the 19th attack on various schools in United States this year really made me wonder about the … Continue reading Are Schools Safe?


Lunar Eclipse 2018

Today, everyone would be able to witness lunar eclipse around the world. This is one of the most special events for Space Enthusiasts as you will even observe a colour change of the moon. To know more, refer to the video below and share your experience in the comment box below. I will share my … Continue reading Lunar Eclipse 2018

Understanding Black holes

  BLACK HOLES has been astonishing people from time to time since its prediction by Einstein in his paper in 1916. It was first coined by American astronomer John Wheeler in 1967 and was discovered in 1971. Different physicists like Stephen hawking and many other astronomers has been studying this mysterious yet dangerous object existing in … Continue reading Understanding Black holes

A Step Closer to Lead the World

Recently, my school organised their annual Model UN session for students of classes 9-12 where hundreds of them participated representing various situations and problems of different countries and tried to come up with a solution. This day long session not only helps them to understand the world and their external environment and also help to … Continue reading A Step Closer to Lead the World

The magnificent leap – Technology in Education

Technology is everywhere. Even while reading this, you will be using one of the gadgets and its spreading like a wildfire. There is an advancement in technology the moment I'm writing this and the time you are reading this and tech giants like Facebook, Apple, Microsoft and many more have invested billions in their R&D … Continue reading The magnificent leap – Technology in Education

Breaking barriers with quantum physics | Dr. Shohini Ghose | TEDxNickelCity

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. Dr. Shohini Ghose talks about how the laws of quantum mechanics may be harnessed to develop next generation computers and novel protocols like teleportation. Shohini Ghose is an Associate Professor of Physics and Computer Science at Wilfrid Laurier University and … Continue reading Breaking barriers with quantum physics | Dr. Shohini Ghose | TEDxNickelCity