Literature has been playing a major role in my life…Inspiring me for a very long time. The first book I read was on Martin Luther King Jr. and from that moment on, I have read so many books based on love story. Fiction, Non-Fiction, Action, Love story, Adventure, History, Technology, Space and many more. I just hope that I never leave reading and gain experience about different things which are very important. When I was in class 5, I was really inspired by my English teacher and started to read….At first, I felt it boring and simply waste of time but slowly…I realised that it not only improves my reading skills but also changes my mind about I view the world and just hope that this stays with me forever. If you want to know about the books I read, then you see the list on the first/Main page.

You can visit my website where we have a group for the readers all across the globe and are using as a platform to express our views on different books.

Keep Reading!!

Raj Ondhia

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