Photography is art and practice of creating durable images. I was attracted by photography some 2 years ago when my cousin brother got a brand new digital camera. I was really excited to use it and was able to click some pictures but the result of the images i got was horrible. My holding position of camera and other important were completed wrong and that time I was very disappointed. I decided to learn and know about digital cameras and I started my research but at that time I was not provided with internet access by my I started to get books from my friends and sources like going to a professional photographer and to know more about things but slowly I started to ignore and lost my interest but suddenly some 10 months ago I was inspired by my friends who had started a club for amateur photographer and started to know about them and finally, it’s back in my life and this time I am really enjoying it with taking different sort of photographs. Some completed blurred and some with wrong ISO or shutter speed but I will give my 100% and soon be a good photographer.

To know more about my photography practices with my department, you can visit


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