Inspiring photographers

Christian Aslund is a photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden. He was a winner in a Professional Campaign. Honkey Kong – an advertising campaign for the sneaker brand Jim Rickey, shot on location in Hong Kong. A 2d platform game tribute. Images were shot from skyscrapers toward the ground, using a telephoto lens to make the image as flat as possible to make it look like a platform game. Visit his website to see his amazing work.

Christian Aslund  Website


Nicholas Samaras, is one of the most passionate and committed underwater photographers. His love and dedication to sea and its creatures in combination with his characteristic effort to bring out to surface the beauty of the marine world with a unique aesthetics, established him in a very short period of time both in Greece and abroad. From 2006 until today many awards in underwater photography competitions and festivals followed in Greece and abroad, including, NELOS International Underwater Photo & Film Festival, Festival Mondial De L’Image Sous Marine, Scuba Diving Magazine International Annual Contest (USA), Greek National Underwater Photography Championship. Visit his website to his work.

Nicholas Samaras Website


Rodney Lough Jr. is a famous photographer and mainly known for his beautiful landscape and photographs of beautiful nature. You can visit his website and see his work (GIVEN BELOW)

Rodney Lough Jr. Works


Adam Burton is known for his beautiful landscapes and is one of my favorite photographer. His work is really amazing and is appreciated by millions of people across the globe. You can visit his website and check out his amazing photographs.

Adam Burton Website


Brian Skerry is an amazing wildlife photographer and is known across the globe for his some amazing photographs. You can visit his website and check out his amazing work.

Brian Skerry website


Michael Muller is known for his works for portrait photography and is running a photography school for amateurs and is trying hard to push them and be a good photographers with his determination towards their students. You can know more about this by visiting his website.

Michael Muller website 


Anne Geddes, MNZM (born 13 September 1956) is an Australian-born photographer, clothing designer and businesswoman who now lives and works in New Zealand. She is known for her stylized depictions of babies and motherhood. Typical images show babies or young children dressed as fairies and fairytale creatures, flowers, or small animals. Visit his website to see her amazing works

Anne Geddes Website


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