Alaa Murabit: What my religion really says about women

About the Speaker:


Alaa Murabit (born October 26, 1989) is a Canadian physician who became a women’s rights activist in Libya in 2011. She has since become a leading international advocate for women’s rights and their inclusion in peace processes and conflict resolution.

Murabit founded The Voice of Libyan Women in August 2011 and has been president ever since. She has explained that VLW “was founded following the 2011 Libyan Revolution. I was in my final year of medical school at the time, and found out that there was a window of opportunity for women in Libya.

She has maintained that peace is achievable through communities, The only real solution, the only way to get that grenade or gun put down safely is the very spirit of this Forum. It is by filling his hands and head with something else.